Is it time to sell your house, and you’re not ready? Then you need a residential painting service in Sioux City that can help increase the look of your home. The painting crew at Spahn’s Cleaning is professional and experienced. And, on every job, we sweat the details.

Whether you’re selling a modest home or a larger property in the Sioux City area, it doesn’t matter. Spahn’s Cleaning provides complete residential painting service solutions as part of its comprehensive service packages.

While it’s tempting to try taking on the project on your own, now is not the time. Because you’re busy trying to sell your home, let your do-it-yourself skills take a rest. Let the professional team at Spahn’s Cleaning help.


How do our painting services help you?

  • professional painting services in sioux cityOur team of professionals can recommend paint solutions to help increase the value of your home. We then complete the job as you prepare to sell your home.
  • A fresh coat of paint can signal to buyers that the current homeowner keeps a clean, well-maintained property. Regular upkeep is important to new buyers.
  • Painting services can reduce the opportunity for potential buyers to find fault with your home, and thus prolong the sales process.

Our goal is to be the best cleaning company in the eyes of our customers. With residential painting services, we’re here to help homeowners improve their resale value every day.

We Stand By Our Reputation

Because Spahn’s is a long-time provider of residential painting services across Siouxland, we stand by our reputation. Our goal is to be the best cleaning and community maintenance company in the eyes of our customers.

Spahn’s can be trusted to make sure your property always looks its best. Our professional employees each have more than a decade of experience in the industry. We use state-of-the-art equipment to provide you the best quality service every time. From painting to carpet and furniture cleaning, we are always striving to please you, our customers.

Whether it’s a commercial to residential service, we’re happy to provide customer references at your request.

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